Having no prior experience with hypnosis, I engaged Kate Gardiner recently to see what she might be able to do regarding my lifelong nervous habit of nail biting. In just a few weekly sessions, there were good results. Is my lifelong nervous bad habit gone? I’m not sure, but certainly it has been reduced – not a little, but a lot! I have never been able to do this on my own, and I have tried many times. It is as if something has just lifted. Also, as an unexpected byproduct of hypnotherapy sessions, I am sleeping better at night – longer and more soundly. Apparently this is a common (and welcome) secondary outcome.

Would I recommend Kate to others? 100%, and I already have. She is a good listener, her manner is soft and encouraging, and she is professional and discreet. Clearly hypnosis can achieve favorable goals, and I found the process enjoyable.P.M., educator – Toronto (July 2016)

I wanted to thank you for your help a few months ago in quitting smoking. So far, I have not been smoking for 2 months and I feel great and strong. Thanks Kate N., Toronto

I just wanted to update you on progress….I haven’t pulled a single hair. Interestingly my hand has gone to my head a few times but when it gets there the impulse to pull is gone. It’s just gone. I think it’s amazing. I’m flabbergasted. And, even when my hand has gone to my head to scratch my scalp, it scratches then it returns to what it was doing before….I can’t wait to work on other issues. I know it’s early days but I am so hopeful!!!!…Thanks SOOO much W., Toronto

I have an appointment scheduled, but I am thrilled to tell that I no longer need it. I did my first presentation at work today and it turned out great!!!!!!! I was nervous at first but within the first few minutes it all went away and the words just kept flowing and I felt so relaxed. After the presentation colleagues approached me to say what a great job I had done. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS IN MY LIFE…THANKS KATE FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. YOUR ARE SO WONDERFUL. This is the start of something so very great for me. With many thanks W. ,Toronto

I have suffered from nail biting all my life, as well as hair pulling and chewing for the past few years. Kate immediately made me feel comfortable and helped me stop these horrible habits. I am very pleased with the results and will definitely choose hypnosis for any future issues I encounter. Thank you very much Kate  A., Toronto

Our son feels strongly that he would like to continuing working with you, and his father and I are delighted that the fit is working for him. We are very thankful for your support of our son D., Toronto

I just wanted to drop you a note on how things have been going with (my daughter). …I would like to tell you that “thank you” is not a big enough word to express our appreciation for your help. Today, she is attending her second full day at an adult learning centre, with a new commitment and motivation in life to work at getting her high school diploma, Although she still struggles at times with some self defeating behaviours, she comes out of her negative state of mind much more rapidly lately and is finding a better way to deal with set backs. Her attitude in life is much more pleasant and she often says that she has never felt this way before – she feels that her goals towards school and having a better quality of life is very strong now that she uses this often to lift her up when life hands her challenges. (My daughter) is on a new journey, and with your help she has been discovering how strong and courageous she really is. She is finding her real self, and is making better connections with life around her. I for one can tell you that from what I have witnessed – your hypnosis sessions with (her) have catapulted her self esteem and her wellness several years ahead of the more traditional treatments. I can’t thank you enough for your courage to help someone like (my daughter). You have in a very interesting way saved her and me from drowning from the constant onslaught of stress that comes with someone who suffers from emotional issues in life. Hypnosis works and it works very well. I wish that somewhere down the line there would be more therapists who could incorporate hypnosis to help those who need to find a better way in dealing with life. I have praised you much to people who have asked me about (my daughter) – and I give them your info if they request it. You have been the right person at the right time in her life that has shown her how good peace at heart can feel. We will never forget you.Toronto

Thank you for your wonderful warm professionalism. I am feeling fun and strong and strong and fun J. Toronto

I just wanted to write you and say thank you for the help with the anxieties. I’ve noticed a considerable improvement A, Toronto

Thank you for coming to Sectionals Championship Competition. We are glad you came. My child did very well, got best personal score and silver medal. We want to book more sessions S., Richmond Hill

I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that my life as a non-smoker is amazing! It will be 2months since I quit. I feel better inside and outside and the freedom is unbelievable. My daughter and I just came back from a vacation and it was so nice to go to the airport and not worry about the many hours without cigarettes and rushing outside to finally get that smoke! Thanks for everything you did to get me here! So appreciated! L., Toronto

I can’t believe how well it worked. Everytime I went to bite my cuticles, I realized I didn’t need to anymore and stopped before I even started chewing on them. The other neat thing was that I suddenly felt really motivated to get back into working out at the gym again, which I haven’t done in a couple of years. North York

Hi Kate!

Just wanted to let you know that my presentation this morning went really, really well! I am kind of shocked at how calm and articulate I was. In fact, the presentation went so well that all of our classmates commented on how great it was and my teacher even pulled me aside to let me know that our presentation was excellent 🙂

I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am that you took the time to come and help me prepare yesterday. Clearly it paid off – so thank you a million times over for all your work on my behalf! I still can’t quite believe how well it went and how calm I was. I realize that I still have a bit of work to do, but this feels like such a giant step forward for me 🙂