1. Get in touch

I know that most people considering hypnosis don’t know much about it. Most of the time, they’re not even sure if hypnosis is an option for the issue they’d like to resolve. That’s where I come in. Get in touch. Let me know what change you’d like to make in your life and we can discuss whether hypnosis is an option. Give me a call at 416-738-0074 (please don’t forget to include your name and phone number if you leave a message) or click the button below to contact me online.

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2. Free Phone Consultation

I find most new clients have questions and greatly benefit from this opportunity to discuss what they’d like to work on before scheduling any sessions. A consultation is your no obligation opportunity to learn more about hypnosis and to discuss if and how it can be used to help you. Most clients who come to me have never had the experience of being under hypnosis, and the way hypnosis is portrayed in television and movies have given them a false perception of clinical hypnosis. We’ll talk about what hypnosis really is and if it can be used to resolve an issue you’re struggling with. Most consultations take 15-30 minutes. Call me (Kate Gardiner) at 416-738-0074 for your free phone consultation and get your questions answered!

3. Schedule Hypnosis Sessions

I conduct hypnosis sessions in the comfort of your own home. I serve North York, Toronto, and the GTA with flexible availability. Sessions can be scheduled by calling 416-738-0074 or you can click here to send me a message.

Issues that I have successfully helped clients with:

∙ Quitting Smoking

∙ Weight Loss

∙ Fear of Public Speaking/Stage Fright

∙ Test/Exam Anxiety

∙ Irrational Fears (Phobias)

∙ Finicky Eaters

∙ Nail Biting

∙ Hair Pulling

∙ Skin Picking

∙ Anxiety

∙ Stress

∙ Erectile Dysfunction

∙ Insomnia

∙ Athletic “slumps”

∙ Athletic Performance Enhancement

∙ Recovering lost objects/memories

∙ Assisting in the grief process

∙ Empowerment through a cancer diagnosis

∙ Morning Sickness during pregnancy

∙ Decision Making

∙ Procrastination

For help with any of these issues or to find out whether hypnosis may be an option for any other issue, call 416-738-0074 or click here to send an email and set up your free hypnosis consultation with Kate Gardiner today!