Pediatric Hypnotherapy

What is pediatric hypnotherapy?

Depending on the age of the child, pediatric hypnotherapy may not be much different than hypnotherapy for adults; the child is guided into the state of hypnosis and their issue is addressed. However, younger children (6 – 8 years old), may not have the required attention span to get into formal hypnosis. In this situation, a light state of hypnosis is achieved by having the child draw or play a game on a cell phone. One of the definitions of hypnosis is “focused attention”. While the child is focusing on the activity, direct suggestions for change can be given.

A safe alternative used for many issues

Pediatric Hypnotherapy can be used for issues such as nail biting, hair pulling, confidence building, stress and anxiety relief and many more issues. Over the past ten plus years of doing Pediatric Hypnotherapy, I have noticed that more and more parents are choosing alternative modalities, such as hypnosis, to get help for their children. Hypnosis is very safe and I have used it to help my son when he was quite young. I took my Pediatric Hypnotherapy certification to help my son, never realizing how many other parents were choosing hypnosis for their children.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective, especially for stressed adolescents

Adolescence can be a very stressful period for many and hypnotherapy can make a big difference in a young person’s life. As one mother wrote to me, “(My daughter) is on a new journey, and with your help, she has been discovering how strong and courageous she really is. I for one can tell you that from what I have witnessed, your hypnosis sessions with (her) have catapulted her self esteem and her wellness several years ahead of the more traditional treatments.”

For adolescent elite athletes, or other high stress youth vocations, hypnotherapy can be a natural form of both anxiety relief and performance enhancement. Learn more about pediatric hypnosis for performance enhancement.

Hypnotherapy is not for everyone

I am a big fan of CBT and psychotherapy and will often refer potential clients to an appropriate therapist if I think that traditional therapy would be more useful to them than hypnotherapy. I always start with a free phone consultation so I can assess whether hypnotherapy would be effective in your child’s particular case. Call 416-738-0074 to speak to me directly and find out if hypnotherapy may be an option for you.

Pediatric hypnotherapy is safe – don’t leave it as your last resort!

Usually, when parents are looking into Pediatric Hypnotherapy, they have already tried medications and traditional therapies and are feeling very frustrated and often quite desperate. Pediatric hypnotherapy is safe and effective and should be considered before resorting to more drastic measures. I spend time with the parent(s), making sure that they understand what hypnotherapy is (and is not), explaining what I will be doing with their child in hypnosis, and answering any questions they may have so that they have a good understanding and comfort level with the process. When I am working with a minor, everything we do is strictly confidential which can be frustrating for parents. However, I do encourage my Pediatric clients to discuss their sessions with their parent(s) to keep them informed of their progress.

Is pediatric hypnotherapy the right choice for your child?

Every case is unique. I always start with a free phone consultation so I can become familiar with your child, their particular needs and what issues you’d like them to overcome. You can reach me directly for a free phone consultation by calling 416-738-0074.