Hypnosis for Sports Performance Enhancement

Are you an elite or pro athlete experiencing a “slump” or just want to enhance your performance? Then it’s time for you to consider using hypnosis for sports performance enhancement as part of your training regimen.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance Enhancement
Train your mind and your body

Many professional athletes use hypnosis to:

  • Build confidence
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase focus
  • Remove “mental blocks” to success
  • Get out of “slumps”
  • Improve performance consistency

I have successfully used hypnosis for sports performance enhancement with many professional athletes in various sports including hockey, baseball, figure skating, gymnastics, golf and many more. I have recently worked with one of the Blue Jays, as well as other notable professional athletes, though due to absolute client confidentiality, I can’t “drop any names”. However, many top athletes such as Tiger Woods and Wayne Gretzky have been very open about their use of hypnosis to achieve success.

Hypnosis for sports performance enhancement can help an athlete to get out of a “slump” by bringing back memories of ideal past performances allowing the athlete to remember what they were doing correctly before having difficulties.

Years ago, my son was playing in a AA Baseball Tournament. His nickname was “Mr. RBI” because he had a reputation for being a good hitter. However, during this particular tournament, during the first two games, his bat didn’t once connect with the ball, and he was consistently striking out. After the second game, he was, understandably, extremely upset. I took him to a quiet, secluded place in the baseball park, induced hypnosis, and took him back to the memory of one of his greatest hits. I asked him to notice his stance, notice how he was holding the bat etc. During the third game of the tournament, he was once again “Mr. RBI”. (He refers to hypnosis as his “secret weapon”.

For some athletes, they suddenly develop a fear or anxiety about a particular aspect in their performance, For example, a figure skater may suddenly develop a fear of certain jumps and begin balking out of the blue, or a baseball player may choke every time they get up to the plate. In these types of situations, hypnotherapy can help to discover the underlying root cause, and reduce (if not eliminate) the fear or anxiety allowing them once again to perform well.

One of the difficulties that athletes have is finding time in their busy training schedules to make and go to hypnotherapy appointments. As a result, the clients that I have worked with appreciate that I am flexible in terms of appointment times and go to them, saving them valuable travelling time.

If you are ready to take your performance up to the next level, give me a call at 416-738-0074 or email me at info@northyorkhypnosis.com.