Hypnosis for breaking habits

Hypnosis for breaking habits
Hypnosis can help you overcome embarassing negative habits such as nail biting
Do you:

  • Bite your nails?
  • Pick at your skin?
  • Feel compelled to pull out strands of your hair or your eyelashes/eyebrows?

Some of these are simply negative habits that can easily be changed within a few sessions of hypnosis, while some are more complicated and require a program of hypnotherapy to discover the underlying root cause hidden in the subconscious mind. If you feel your destructive habit is beyond your control or you feel an overwhelming compulsion to execute the activity, you should consider hypnotherapy for breaking habits to lessen and often completely eliminate the need to perform the destructive habit.

In simple cases, the use of “Direct Suggestion”, repeated over several sessions of hypnosis, is often enough to help a person stop a negative habit. For example, when a client presents with the habit of nail biting, the “Direct Suggestion” given is: “Every time you raise your hand to your mouth for the purpose of biting your nails, you become very aware and simply stop”. As nail biting is often done unconsciously, by bringing a person’s awareness to the moment before they are about to start biting their nails, they can then choose to simply stop.

However, in more complicated cases, hypnosis for breaking habits is used to find the source of the habit (or compulsion). The habit that has been created is really an outlet for some form of anxiety which has been created in the subconscious mind and therefore is really much more than just a simple “habit”. Hypnotherapy can shed light on the root cause, bringing it from the subconscious where it has a lot of power, to the conscious mind where its power is minimized or eliminated, putting the individual back in control of their actions. Many past clients have commented that they just can’t believe “how well the hypnosis worked”.